Junk Removal

So you’ve got junk and need a trusted junk removal service?  Well!! You have two choices?? You can hire a trash service from a classified ad to help you out. Or, you can hire a professional, licensed and insured company like Emerald Junk Removal to haul away the junk collecting at home.

The biggest reasons to hire a professional Junk removal service

  • It saves a lot of time: Removing trash from homes and offices can take weeks.Emerald Junk Removal can do it in one day.
  • It saves you money: By removing junk yourself, you spend time which means money. Arranging local trash removal means extra charges for labor, truck and landfill fees. Emerald Junk Removal charges one rate for everything.
  • You avoid injury and damage: By removing your heavy items, you risk injury to yourself. Inexperienced companies can even drop furniture and damage your home.
  • You gain more space at home: Once all the junk is removed, your get extra space at home. You get a nice clean basement or attic to use again.
  • Contribution to charity: Your old furniture and reusable appliances will go to needy people.
  • A clean construction site: Removal of construction debris will keep your project site clean. Your work doesn’t slow down.
  • You go green: Emerald Junk Removal is an eco- friendly company who recycles most of your junk; we don’t dispose of it in garbage dumps

By choosing us, you gain a service that provides you many services in one. Lifting and hauling heavy furniture or debris that you may not want to touch is just another job for us. We can remove junk from offices, homes and commercial properties. We can haul away all the trash wasting away in your basement or garage. We will even clear your yard of debris so it looks good again.

Affordable and reliable junk hauling services

There is a big difference when you hire an insured and licensed service to remove junk  in your area. Our affordable prices combined with a professional and friendly attitude takes all the tension out of the job. Emerald Junk Removal will always value your business and do everything to keep you satisfied with us.

Junk removal and recycling

What We Take

  • Furniture

    Beds, chairs, tables, futons, settees, cabinets, showcases, coffee tables, cupboards

  • Appliances

    Electrical devices, air conditioners, coolers, refrigerators, freezers, water filters, water heaters, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers

  • Electronic items

    TV’s, home theaters, tablets, laptops, copiers, shredders, speakers, monitors

  • Construction debris

    Gravel, cement, drywall, doors, windows, stones, cement, tiles, metal and wood scrap and more

  • Garage and attic junk

    Clothes, chests, old car parts, broken tools, clothes, damaged exercise equipment, toys

  • Other items

    Yard debris removal, garden trash, hot tubs, shed demolition

We help you go green!

Did you know that disposing of various types of junk is illegal in various cities??? Go green by using an eco-friendly company who will recycle or donate all your junk. Don’t rely on your trash man because it means dumpster charges, labor and landfill fees.

When considering junk removal your area, you should always look for an insured and licensed company. That describes Emerald Junk Removal because we know each state rule of junk disposal and will make sure we don’t pollute the environment. We associate ourselves with all authorized recycling centers and charities that would be willing to take your usable goods.

Don’t allow Junk to get the better of you. All it takes is a phone call or contact us and a team will come and assess your need and give you a free quote. Once you agree, your job is done.